“PROVOCATIVE” and “Kind and Gorgerous” set foot in Kazakhstan

On May 10, 2018, the first season of Asparas Fashion Week is held in Shymkent, Kazakhstan. Over 20 designers from the United States, France, Italy, Great Britain, Germany, Nepal, China, Russia, India, journalists, photographers and fashion experts from Europe and Asia took part in the fashion week.

On the catwalk, Bulgaria presented inspiration from the East, intertwined with the West – clean lines and deconstruction with Haute Couture flavour in the face of PROVOCATIVE clothing brand.  Geometry, fetish, architecture,  blended in the Kind and Gorgeous accessories and accessories. The patterns were specially selected by the designers Gloria Dimitrova and Katya Gencheva to match the eccentric styling and eclectic brand concept for this collection. The avant-garde visions were received with wild applause and a breath of modern air amongst guests and participants. The review definitely gave a new perspective to everyone present.

Elegance faces extravagance.

Classical lines were combined with rebellious parallels.

Delicate silk was accompanied by leather elements, monochrome specifications channelled retro-futuristic aesthetics, deconstruction did not destroy, but create. Burlesque and Haute couture interweave with punk and rock sound.

Minimalism, Studio 54, geometry, fetish, history, architecture –  everything that the brands PROVOCATIVE and Kind of Gorgeous blended into a brilliant, revolutionary styling, is what was highly appreciated by everyone at Aspara Fashion Week 2018.

Among the special guests were Rocco Leo Galioti, Director of the American TV Channel FNL Network, Mira Postolache, Vogue Italy Representative, Adriana Di Lello, Art Director of ELLE Italy, Sensemielja Letitia Sumter, Top Model and Fashion Blogger from the Netherlands, Kristy Kosanyak, Lvov Fashion Week International Coordinator Ukraine, Douglas Basset – fashion photographer from Italy, Anna Katarzina Stefanow – Berlin Fashion Week president, Svetlana Horvat – Serbia Fashion Week president, Gulnara Mukhamedova – Founder / Creator of Miss Union, Jiang Yongcheng Association of Manufacturers of Clothing and Textiles China, Robby Rawat Co – Founder and Managing Director of Asian Designer Week India, Aydin Acik – CEO and Founder of Asia Fashion Week Europe, Africa Fashion Week Europe, and Miss Bulgaria World 2017 Veronica Stefanova.

The brands gave a dignified performance to Bulgaria and New Bulgarian University.

The interesting thing about the two brands is that the collaboration was born in New Bulgarian University, where the designers studied: Gloria Dimitrova – Fashion and Business Strategies Master Program, Katia Gencheva – Styling Master Program. The outfits presented by the two ladies are enviable evidence of the serious preparation they have received at the New Bulgarian University.

During the Aspara Fashion Week, the brands presented a new collection, which you can see in Bulgaria at Balkan Fashion Week 26.06 – 30.06.2018. This is a graduation collection for Gloria and selected photos of a photo session will be presented by Katia Gencheva at the “Style Forecast”, which will take place from 21.05 to 03.06 in Crystal Garden, Sofia.