Monroe blouse Ines trousers


Provocative Urban is a younger, wear-everyday line that focuses on providing the essential “Provocative” spirit and glam onto city street style. As the name says, it focuses primarily on urban and contemporary clothing with a very strong identity.


Blouse Monroe & Ines wide pants
Blouse with long sleeves and length to the hips. With a movable scarf from the waist, which when put on creates the feeling of a polo collar. The scarf crosses at the waist, covers the chest and rotates behind the neck, thus optically shrinking the waist, giving volume to the bust and gently caressing the neck without tightening like a typical polo. It is suitable for ladies who prefer a sleeker, but at the same time modern everyday look. It can be worn with low-waist trousers as well as in a set with one of our offers of wide high-waist trousers.
We recommend washing in a washing machine up to 30 degrees with a weak centrifugal action or by hand. Always iron at a low temperature as the fabrics are natural and can shrink.
Fabrics: high quality cotton elastic knitting
Pants with busts and elastic only in the back, Italian pockets

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Monroe blouse Ines trousers, Monroe blouse, Ines trousers


XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL


60-165, 165-170, 170-175, 175-185


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