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Provocative Urban is a younger, wear-everyday line that focuses on providing the essential “Provocative” spirit and glam onto city street style. As the name says, it focuses primarily on urban and contemporary clothing with a very strong identity.

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This oversized cardigan is made of 100% Bulgarian wool with long sleeves, creating elegant movements and making you feel warm and comfortable while enveloping the whole body. Made with love and attention to details, completely handmade, this unique piece is suit for the elegant contemporary woman that values herself and takes care of each particular. Since it is 100% handmade and entirely of Bulgarian wool, it should be only hand washed and dried horizontally, in order to maintain the structure of the wool.

Dark nude blended
100% wool
Dry clean; washing at 30 degrees
Drying horizontally
Very loose
Do not to hang on a hanger

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60-165, 165-170, 170-175, 175-185


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