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  • Catwalk with Provocative

    Gloria Dimitrova is the creative genius behind the provocative brand PROVOCATIVE, which we introduce to you today

    She is the creator of beauty, with inexhaustible inspiration, innovative ideas, simply doing with a majestic swing. Among the customers of the brand are confident ladies with dynamic everyday life and style. How does she create her models, where does she finds inspiration and what is her favourite garment in the closet, we will understand from Gloria herself:

    Styling: Katia Gencheva Photographer: Natalia Kalcheva Model: Alexandra Spasova

    I became a designer because … Fashion is the sphere that changes the world and makes it more beautiful. I have always had a different view of the world, and the chance to share my feelings and my vision of it, to create beauty and to make people happy is invaluable.

    My first model was provoked by … The provocation in the collision of styles and contrasts. My first bachelor’s collection was inspired by “2 cellos-welcome to the jungle”. Cover of the Guns N Roses song. Classics, sophistication and gentle strings intertwined with hard rock sound. 90’s, Rock and Glam Times, Kate Moss, Minimalism, Deconstruction and Pop Cultural Influences.

    Styling: Katia Gencheva Photographer: Natalia Kalcheva Model: Alexandra Spasova

    I’m inspired by … The contrast always took part in my collections. Maybe because it creates a balance. I am inspired by history, movies, art, experiences, trips and personalities. Everything that touches my heart is part of my perception of being beautiful and aesthetic.

    A famous person I dream to wear is … I have not thought of a certain person. Every woman with style, manners, and class is the woman I want to have at least one of my outfits in her closet. I want the confident, successful, real woman.

    Model: Izabela Paduch Photographer: Carlos Monserrate Styling: Gloria Dimitrova

    My favorite brands and designers are … Saint Laurent, Celine, Yohji Yamamoto, Ann Demeulemeester, Maison Martin Margiela.

    My first client was … An extraordinary woman who is still a client of the brand and relies on me for every special occasion.

    In my private wardrobe, the clothing that I feel great with is  …The blazer is my favourite item. The perfect blazer gives style to even the most casual top and jeans!

    My favourite colour is … Definitely black. In my outfit, I rely mostly on black. The dynamics in my everyday life require a vision that can quickly change from casual to elegant, the easiest way to do that is to have a stylish outfit in a monochrome range and properly selected accessories. My eccentricity about the accessories can reach the maximum. There I can experiment with colours, textures, styles and shapes. For my accessories, I trust my close friend Katya Gencheva, designer and creator of Kind of Gorgeous. A luxury Bulgarian brand for accessories, which I collaborated on creating the latest collection of PROVOCATIVE. Every accessory I made for me, besides creative design and message, brings me luck and energy. I really believe that we designers put a part of ourselves and our energy into everything we do, so it is very important to know the personality of the person who is behind the creation.

    Styling: Katia Gencheva Photographer: Natalia Kalcheva Model: Alexandra Spasova

    The greatest Fashion Icon for me is … The first thing that comes to my mind is Bianca Jagger. She is my muse for my last collection –  Extremely stylish, confident and emblematic of her time. Even at her wedding, she is dressed in a perfect suit of Laurent.

    Fashion in Bulgaria is … Well-developed industry.

    Model: Izabela Paduch Photographer: Carlos Monserrate Styling: Gloria Dimitrova

    What motivates me to continue creating collections? … The attitude of the customers of the brand, the love for my work and the good results.

    Are you following the trends or are you imposing them? I am inspired by the trends and I have my own.

    Model: Izabela Paduch Photographer: Carlos Monserrate Styling: Gloria Dimitrova

    What does designer fashion give to mass production clothes? Individuality, style, emotion.

     “Confidence is what makes women attractive. It comes from within, it’s a certain state of mind. Nothing boosts our confidence more than the right outfit “

  • Provocative Celebrates A Birthday

    October 3, 2017

    The Bulgarian brand PROVOCATIVE celebrated one year of its founding and the opening of its luxury showroom. For this one year, the brand quickly established itself among the ladies who appreciate the elegance and style of the high class. PROVOCATIVE quickly won customers for its sophisticated models. They are friends of the wonderful Gloria Dimitrova. More than 100 people came to respect the hostess and wished her success and many more years in the fashion business.

    Gloria Dimitrova’s success came quickly. PROVOCATIVE & PLIK – a successful tandem, deservedly grabbed the special talent prize for MAD MOOD Milan. The talented girls impressed the guests of Milan’s fashion week. The design of their sets distinguishes by their unusual and original design and their own style.

    This year’s Mad Mood International Competition included the best local and foreign young designers. In a perfect symbiosis, the wonderful Gloria Dimitrova – Creative Director of PROVOCATIVE and the talented Vladislava Valkova – Creative Director of PLIK created a toilet dedicated to water and vital energy. Veronika Stefanova – the beautiful girl from Zemen, who recently won the prestigious Miss Bulgaria World award, was a special guest of the celebration.

    Happy birthday, PROVOCATIVE! We love you, Gloria Dimitrova!

    reporter: Asya Georgieva
    operator: Ivan Tsvyatkov
    photographer: Anton Hariev
    post-production: Simeon Simeonov

  • Plik & Provocative – Lviv Fashion Week SS 2018

    Thanks to the collaboration of the two brands – Plik (bags, accessories and jewelry) and Provocative (clothing), Bulgarian designers presented a trendy, minimalist and sophisticated collection at Lviv Fashion Week.

    An inspiration for designers was the image of Grace Jones, scandalous New York Club 70 Studio-54, New York ’90s, some crazy, vivid images of stylish girls. These all elements were reflected in dresses with voluminous shoulders, deep neckties, embroidered with golden, black shades – shimmering. In the collection, there were also light casual dresses with a pattern, chiffon maxi skirts with a train, trousers with a high waist and brilliant metal tops. The fabrics are Italian – silk, cashmere, chiffon.

    The collaboration with Plik brought gold, silver, leather wide necklaces and wide bracelets. Bags and footwear deserve special attention. Painted snakeskin has created an attractive contrast for each model. The variety of wallets – from “banana” to maxi and triangular bags – will satisfy any taste, especially if it is made of red skin. Designers have suggested not to change their shoes, and to put on favourite comfortable shoes lining from a snake coloured skin. It looks like boots have already captivated the hearts of fashionistas from all over the world. Therefore, Plik & Provocative came up with their own interpretation of popular boots that would not let their personal style be missed by following the trend.

    A joint project of designers Plik & Provocative received the main award from the jury of the MAD MOOD Milano contest a month ago during the Fashion Week in Milan.

    Text: Olya Machuca

    Photo by Igor Fedoriv